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General description: Certification, is 20 hours – 16 classroom hours and 4 hours of homework with case studies in teams.


Goals & purpose: The Due Diligence Institute of Zimbabwe was founded with the purpose of unifying the Due Diligence industry through an evolving certification designed to improve a professional's ability to spot important information and catch mistakes before they happen. This springs from trying to answer questions such as:


1. Why do intelligent people buy fraudulent investment?

2. Why do “experts” fail in their investigations?

3. What is a criminal and what cannot they use their skills for good as opposed to mischief?

4. Why we must not just question experts and studies but the underlying methodology?


Benefits: Attendees will be empowered to make better decisions every day. From daily opportunities to complicated fraud schemes, attendees will know how to more effectively spot signs, ask questions and ultimately save you money. Further, a person skilled in Due Diligence Institute of Zimbabwe's Due Diligence, can improve an organizations ability to withstand regulator inquires or threats of litigation. The point of the three days of training is to change the way the professional think so they think like Due Diligence Professionals. How many audits miss fraud and massive fraud? How many times did the SEC investigate Madoff and not find

anything wrong – (it was 3 times). It is not that the professionals are stupid or incompetent, they are not, they are very smart but they did not think as a Due Diligence Professional or Expert. The question is whether you can afford not to have Due Diligence certified professionals watching over your business?


The course runs $1,950.



All DDPs must be capable of demonstrating sufficient expertise in Due Diligence. Graduated a university or equivalent, 5+ years of experience in an industry. 2 of the following: a white paper publication for Due Diligence Institute of Zimbabwe; 2 qualified case studies – or comparable materials; Copresenting of 2 DDC events.


  • DDE in (NICHE TOPIC) Due Diligence Expert in (NICHE TOPIC)
  • Must demonstrate deep subject matter expertise.
  • We are currently developing DDE in the following areas.
  • Backgrounds & Investigations
  • Intellectual Property & Critical Information w OPSEC
  • Buying and Selling of Business


If you have additional areas of interest, please contact us.

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